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Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas

The spark for a new idea in an organization most often begins with one or more individuals who have heard about or used the innovation and are intrigued by the potential. It then becomes their task to enlighten the rest of the organization. This can be an easier undertaking if one has an understanding of the problems that may be encountered along the way and what can be done to address these problems. This book captures recurring problems and the corresponding successful solutions for introducing new ideas into organizations—we document these in a form of knowledge management known as patterns.

About the Author(s)
Mary Lynn Manns

As the co-author of Fearless Change (2005) & More Fearless Change (2015), I love CHANGE. I have taught this topic to many people from young college students to seasoned professionals at conferences and in organizations that include Amazon, Avon, Procter & Gamble, and Microsoft. For 25+ years, I have been studying “change” primarily by talking with people who are making change happen– therefore, the Fearless Change books are filled with clear tactics (patterns) that that been shown to work. Everyone from budding leaders to those struggling with the challenges of persuading people can use the patterns immediately to make good things happen!

Linda Rising

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