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  • PROARC, INC. (PROARC) has been providing Synergistic Program Management, Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering Services/Solutions since 2010. PROARC has extensive experience providing Application Lifecycle Management services that improve client success and mitigate risk with the three critical path project parameters Cost/Schedule/Functionality. We train, advise, and assist our clients where needed to adopt proven Agile principles in every stage of their effort from concept to sustainment. PROARC also offers a modular Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) based Integrated Program Management Tool Suite(IPMTS) which applies AGILE principles to Portfolio/Program/Project Management Lifecycles. IPMTS provides a collaborative transparent solution that integrates the Master Schedule with the task activity using Agile SCRUM principles for any functional area of one’s company/department/project. IPMTS facilitates self- management, transparency, real-time dynamic status reporting, simplifies communications, increases engagement, and streamlines administration. PROARC staff have extensive subject matter expertise in DOD, National Intelligence, Transportation, Communications, NASA and Energy industries. Our staff are Certified SCRUM Masters and provide coaching from project conception through sustainment.