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Agile Humans Meetup #60 Mindfulness-Agile Synergy

October 5 All day

Mindfulness-Agile Synergy: More Awareness, More Agility

Dear Agile Humans,

Our 60th meetup is here! We are deeply appreciative of the love and support you’ve shown. This time, we’ve curated something exceptional: the robust synergy between mindfulness and Agile methodology. This dynamic duo has the capacity to reshape our perspectives on work and life.

Navigating our intricate, frenzied, and often capricious world requires business agility. Yet, achieving this agility isn’t straightforward. Misunderstandings abound, challenges pop up, and traditional strategies often fall short.

For true business agility, we spotlight two essentials:

  1. Organisational development via agile practices.
  2. Consciousness expansion through mindfulness and personal growth.

These elements must synergize. This enables business, tech, organisational, and people departments to deeply connect. Upon introspection, it becomes clear that “agile beckons consciousness” and concurrently, “mindfulness seeks agility”.

Mindfulness is about nurturing awareness of the present without judgment. It pushes one to wholly immerse in thoughts, emotions, and the environment, leading to heightened clarity. This mindset forms the basis for numerous personal and professional boons.

Joining us is Marco Massarotto, an esteemed Agile Coach boasting 14 years in the field. Together, we advocate for the mindfulness-agile alliance for business agility. This vision offers a holistic alternative to conventional methods and mere organizational shifts or leadership reinventions.

What to expect at our 60th meetup:

  • Unravel how mindfulness can amplify agility, aiding in effortlessly navigating changes and hurdles.
  • Acquire mindfulness strategies that promote self-insight, enhance decision-making, and bolster stress management.
  • Delve into applying agile tenets not just professionally but in day-to-day life for augmented productivity and resilience.
  • Absorb wisdom from an industry connoisseur who seamlessly blends mindfulness and agility in his life.
  • Engage with peers, swap thoughts, and broaden your professional circle.

An enriching Thursday awaits on October 5th. Be with us online at 6:30 p.m. We assure a rewarding experience, memorable interactions, and an invigorating atmosphere. Your dedication to the Agile Humans meetup community hasn’t gone unnoticed. See you soon!

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Marco Massarotto

With the heart of a humanist and the brain of a Ph.D. engineer, Marco is both an Agile Coach and a Mindfulness Trainer. His 14-year journey in the lean/agile realm has seen him don various hats: COO, Agile Project Manager, Product Owner, and Scrum Master. Marco’s advisory spans sectors like software development, outsourcing, marketing, finance, and more. Having trained over 300 individuals, he employs a systematic yet human-centric approach, steering cross-functional teams towards their objectives.

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