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There are so many conferences in the Agile space. The deliver:Agile 2018 conference was specifically created to give practitioners a place to talk about the technical details, the tradeoffs in practice, and to see and hear about new developments that they can put into practice regardless of their background is DevOps, Development, UX, or Testing.

The conference will have these sessions and many more:

“So You Want To Go Faster? A Roadmap for Continuous Deployment” by Daniel Davis.  Daniel will talk about the technical and cultural challenges teams face when moving toward Continuous Deployment and specifically how to move incrementally from once-a-sprint deployment to continuous deployment.

“Underestimated Costs of Microservice Architectures” by Colin Jones.  Colin will talk about the cost side of microservices and describe how to evaluate microservice architecture and assess the tradeoffs involved in deciding to move toward it.

“What’s Next in UX: An Introduction to Chatbot Design” by Sydney Bee.  Chatbots are not traditional user experience, but they are here and they present unique opportunities and unique challenges. Sydney Bee will describe the design space around Chatbots and share her insights.

“Beyond Waste: Exploratory Charters in Action” by Claire Moss. In this hands-on workshop, Claire Moss will walk you through the exploratory testing process and show you how to use charters to improve your outcomes. 

“Elixir: a potion for building scalable, fail-tolerant systems” by Declan Whelan.  There are many different languages that you can use for service design. Elixir, with its Erlang lineage, has proven itself in practice. In this session, Declan will introduce Elixir and describe how it can be used to build fault-tolerant systems more simply than many alternatives.

“Applying Agile to Big Data and Machine Learning” by Ade Miller.  Machine Learning and Big Data are the ‘new kids on the block.’ How do we approach them in an Agile manner? Ade Miler will describe what he has done, and show how you can approach these projects and make them succeed using the Agile toolkit.

“Testing Without Mocks: A Practical Guide” by James Shore.  There’s a perception that mocks are necessary when you are practicing TDD in an object oriented system. Jim Shore will show you that that is not the case. Attend this session to see an alternative way of working.

“Sufficient Design: Quality Tuned to Context” by Joshua  Kerievsky.  What is good design? A lot of the advice you’ve heard pays more attention to the form of the code and the architecture of the system. In this session, Joshua Kerievsky challenges that idea and shows how you a contextual approach to design changes your focus in a valuable way.

“Healthy Agile Product Security” by Molly Crowther.  We know security can never be an afterthought but we seldom consider building it right into practices and process at all levels. In this talk, Molly Crowther will describe her experiences building a culture of security on globally distributed teams.

The deliver:Agile conference will have 3 days packed with great sessions like these. Registration is now open, and I hope you’ll join us in Austin.

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