Past Events

deliver:Agile 2018

April 30 – May 2 | Austin, Texas

deliver:Agile 2018 Keynotes Sessions

deliver:Agile 2018 Organizers

Jim Newkirk

Conference Chair

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Program Chair

Richard Seroter
Program Chair

Diana Larsen
Program Chair

Michael Feathers
Program Chair

Paul Hammond
Board Member Liaison

Linda Cook
Board Member Liaison

deliver:Agile 2018 Session Videos

Design Primer for Agile Teams
Tech companies are increasingly investing in design. To stay relevant and competitive in a digital age where new technologies come and go faster than we fully learn how to use them, prioritizing design and user experience (UX) is simply good business…
Unit Tests as Specifications
Test-driven development is a core practice of Extreme Programming (XP) and the “secret sauce” for some teams, enabling them to rapidly build quality code. But for other teams it’s an impediment that keeps them from refactoring code and increases thei…
Unit Testing with Cucumber
Cucumber is usually considered a customer acceptance test automation tool. However in many situations, it can be used as a unit testing framework as an alternative to JUnit. Cucumber tests separate the test structure in feature files from the impleme…
True Tales of Antifragile Code
Have you ever abandoned an innovative user story because it was deemed too costly to implement? Leaders of software development teams want to be able to adapt their existing product to innovative ideas and shifting market conditions. This is often…
Refactoring with Cognitive Complexity
For 40 years, cyclomatic complexity has been the de facto standard for measuring testability and maintainability. While it's absolutely accurate for testability, the same can't be said for maintainability. Cognitive complexity solves the problem and …

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