XSCALE Alliance


About XSCALE Alliance

XSCALE Alliance is a learning ecosystem of independent coaches and consultancies de-scaling agile organizations through practices derived from Hiawatha's Great Law of Peace, Rikyu's Mu Hin Shu, Goldratt's Throughput Accounting, Holmgren's Permaculture, Stack's Open Book Management and Beck's Extreme Programming.

XSCALE Alliance is modeled on the Linux ecosystem. We use Creative Commons to collaborate on coaching and training material for pattern languages – not frameworks – for Business Agility, Product Management and DevOps.

We're not like the big training frameworks. We're coaches, not trainers, using XSCALE ourselves to collaborate on engagements, collateral and tools. We don't sell Big-A Frameworks that make clients dependent on Big-A Consultancies. We build self-directing portfolios of self-managing streams of self-organizing teams of the client's existing staff. Pods of dolphins, not dancing elephants ...