eXtreme Tuesday Club (XTC)

About eXtreme Tuesday Club (XTC)

A regular London meeting (weekly) for XP newbies, practitioners, and experts. Like XPday it's "more than just XP"

Things usually start around 7pm but there are often a few of us around before that.

When's the next one and what will people be talking about?

Often there is no predetermined theme - people just turn up to chat. See the Meetings Schedule for details of upcoming meetings and sign your name if you intend to turn up.

Can I organise a meeting?

Whilst XTC is generally an informal meeting we always welcome suggestions of subjects. It's a great place to practice presentations for conferences, discuss a topical book or article in a book club style or do things like goldfish bowls or programming katas. scratch cards

Simply pick a Tuesday and add a page for it (if one doesn't already exist) with some details in the Meetings Schedule
Possibly reserve some space at one of the Pubs We Might Meet At (often not necessary)
Post a message on the XTC Announcements Mailing List to let everyone know.
Keep in touch!