Emerging Agilists & Beyond (North County San Diego)

San Diego, CA USA

About Emerging Agilists & Beyond (North County San Diego)

Together, Let's have fun, elevate our learning and create an Agile Ecosystem of support, learning and growth. The purpose it to support each other on our Agile journey, have brilliant conversations, create a safe community of practice, and elevate one another.

This is for Emerging Agilists and Beyond, for all levels of your journey. We are al emerging, no more where we are in our journey, with new perspectives, ideas and techniques. Agile is for us to all keep learning growing and supporting one another.

Let's practice, network, play and establish a community the centers on Agile principles, values, growth mindset, and sharing/brainstorming/learning new techniques and insights. Therefore we can collaborate to grow our coaching competencies, experiment with facilitation, practice learning, brainstorm solutions, collaborate an phenomenal experiences, so that we create sustainable growth in our world.

Let's mentor and coach one another and help the newer Agilists and anyone on any level with unleashing our Agile Leadership, Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring, and Facilitation competencies, increase our toolkits and embrace/embody the agile mindset.

Let's have fun with Agile and play; Agile and embodiment, Agile and the Portfolio, Agile and mindsets, Agile and Integral Theory, design thinking, Facilitation, Kanban, Lean, and more.