July 20 – 24   | Hilton Orlando |   Orlando, FL

Our annual North American conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing an avenue for people and ideas to flourish.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Our Decision

The Agile Alliance Board of Directors has unanimously decided that the physical Agile2020 conference cannot take place. Our first priority is the health and safety of all. Our mission has not changed and we are exploring avenues for the Agile community to share the program that has been recently announced. We don’t yet know what that looks like. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this new reality.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to keep you posted about this rapidly evolving situation in the days and weeks ahead via our biweekly newsletter and with special announcements as needed. As we emerge from the pandemic in each of our countries across the globe, Agile can and will be integral to the world’s recovery. As keepers of the Manifesto and drivers of Agility, Alliance members’ engagement will continue to be essential. As such, the Alliance will be creating additional opportunities to convene and collaborate on how Agile principles and values can further help our world. If you are not already a member or subscriber, we invite you to learn about all the benefits of Agile Alliance Membership or subscribe to our newsletter today.

If you have already registered for Agile2020, please contact our registration team to either request a refund or to indicate that you would like to apply your registration fee to a future event.

Q&A about Agile2020

Track Chairs

  • Will we still be compensated?
    We hope so, and hope to have your assistance looking at alternatives for Agile2020.
  • How do we participate in deciding what is possible?
    Please work with the Program team.
  • Should all contact be escalated to the Program team?
    No, but if you are concerned, then yes.
  • Will track chairs in their 3rd year get a bonus year to be track chair?


  • Will we still be compensated?
    If an alternative is provided and you participate – yes.
  • Will we be considered for alternative option or next year?
    Alternative option yes.  Next year a new submission will be required.
  • What happens to the speaker diversity program?
    If there is an alternative to participate, that would be the same as other speakers.


  • Will my registration be refunded?
    Yes, or held on account for next year.
  • Will this be going virtual?
    We hope so, but don’t yet know what that might look like.
  • What about hotel reservations/flights?
    Reservations should be cancelled.
  • What about Women In Agile?
    WIA is an independent event and cannot be held on site in Florida.
  • Will my membership be extended a year?
  • Can my registration be applied to next year? Or another event?


  • Will reviewers still get AA membership?


  • Will volunteers be carried forward to next year?
    No.  Those wishing to volunteer next year will need to re-submit.