"If Productivity Matters (and it Probably Does), then Team Up!"

Wednesday, July 12, 11 AM – 12:30 PM ET

A lot of people like working alone and keeping busy with individual assignments. And, many managers like assigning jobs specifically to the hand-chosen “best” person for the job. This gives people a lot of personal flexibility, autonomy, accountability, and predictability.

Of course, if you need to be more efficient or productive, it’s a terrible choice.

But do we care? And, if we care, what should we do?

Tim Ottinger – Agile Otter

Tim Ottinger

Tim Ottinger is a long-time programmer (since 1979), speaker, writer, blogger, and high-volume social media feed. He is one of the co-authors of “Clean Code,” “Agile In A Flash,” and various other publications. He is one of the Industrial Logic crew (for over a decade) and is always working to help people forge productive and rewarding work partnerships, and promote technical excellence.

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April Jefferson

April Jefferson is a coach, collaboration facilitator, experience crafter, game creator, and international speaker. She adds value to the world by guiding the journey to nourish oneself with generative engagement — enjoying harmonizing mindsets, crafting applied learning experiences, and holding space both in-person and online.

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Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes is an Agile coach and collaborator who is passionate about helping people do great work by making things visible, inspecting and adapting, and continuously improving. His expertise and skills include Agile, Lean, DevOps, Kanban and visible work, identity and directories, open source software, Linux server, and container deployment.


David Hersey

David Hersey

David Hersey’s Agile career began in the late 1990s when as a member of the Smalltalk developer community he began experimenting with technical practices such as test-driven development and continuous integration. He was an early advocate of XP and Scrum and has been coaching teams and organizations in Agile practices for 20+ years.

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