Striving to be effective rather than comfortable

Conway’s Law states an organization will design systems that reflect that organization’s communication structure. In other words, how we make a product manifests in the product itself. Is it any surprise that overall our industry is terrible at accessibility? It’s illogical to expect that accessible products would spring forth from an inaccessible developer experience. Extreme Programming Explained reminds us, “Software development teams where everyone is alike, while comfortable, are not effective.” In this session, we will explore the idea of an accessible developer experience as a way of leaning into the XP principles of Humanity and Diversity.

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Meet Our Agile Tech Talk Panelists

Dave Dame Deliver Agile

Dave Dame


Dave Dame is the Director of Accessibility at Microsoft. He is passionate about designing and developing hardware and software for users of all abilities and has extensive experience in design thinking, product management, and agile delivery. Dave is a champion for accessibility (a11y) and builds high-performing teams fostering cognitive diversity and inclusion. He’s led a number of large-scale agile transformations and specializes in creating a workforce that is engaged in what and how they are driving long-term sustainability and efficiency of releasing software.

Alicia Jarvis

Alicia Jarvis


Alicia Jarvis is a diversity, equity & Inclusion researcher and strategist. She is a creative force for change and thought-leader, offering a positive perspective and innovative solutions to complex problems relating to universal usability. By day, you’ll find Alicia enabling and empowering teams at Scotia Digital. She solves problems at the intersection where business goals, human needs, & technology meet. Alicia is IAAP certified in Accessibility Core Competencies and also a Certified Scrum Master.

Jimmy Judd

Jimmy Judd


Jimmy Judd is a passionate, full-stack software engineer with decades of experience. He is always up for a new challenge, most recently learning more about DevOps practices and tooling including Spinnaker, Kubernetes, etc. In addition to being an accomplished developer, Jimmy is a generous teammate who spends a great deal of his time mentoring junior devs, and driving partnerships across teams. In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys drinking a lot of coffee, reading about physics, and trying out new restaurants around the Seattle area.

Cat Swetel Agile Alliance

Cat Swetel


Cat Swetel is a technology leader interested in exploring how digital transformation facilitates relationships and could create conditions for more generative institutions. Her leadership style is deeply feminist in that it is focused on allowing all people to flourish. This leadership style (coupled with good technology instincts) has allowed Cat to establish an impressive track record of delivering the “impossible”. Cat is the Technical Community Ambassador at Agile Alliance, and an accomplished public speaker delivering keynotes, workshops, and more around the world.

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