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Read and sign the Agile Sustainability Manifesto

Agile Sustainability Manifesto

Inspired by the Agile Manifesto and the contributions of Agile Alliance members, we are uncovering better ways of working and helping others do it. 

Sign the Sustainability Manifesto

Every act matters, and everyone has something to contribute to creating a nature-positive and regenerative society. Sign the Manifesto and join the tribe!

Take action and learn more about Agile Sustainabilty

Learn about the ideas of Agile Sustainability in these short videos and explainers. Please share them with others in your community to get a quick start on the essentials of Agile Sustainability.

Agile Sustainability Glossary

The Agile Sustainability Glossary is a brief dictionary of many of the terms that are used here, to get you up to speed.

Agile Sustainability Assessment

Understand the state of sustainability in and with your team by taking this quick team assessment.

AI, Sustainability
and Agile

Generative AI tools are burgeoning, so it makes sense to ask ourselves if they can help with the climate crisis. 

The Circular Economy
and Agile

A video on transforming industries with sustainable practices.

A Green Recovery – what Agile can offer

An opportunity to show how we can bounce back after setbacks.

Our Responsibility
as Agilists

brief video that shows how we as Agilists can do better.

Abundance Over Scarcity

An explanation of Value Three of the Agile Sustainability Manifesto – creating a mindset of abundance, where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Sustainability & Systems

The climate crisis calls for a response not just on national and personal levels, but also in our organizations utilizing Agile. 

Agile Sustainability Education

We need to shift educational practices to ensure we are providing both the knowledge and the skills to creatively solve these “big problems”. 

Digital Clean Up: This. Is. How.

As Agile practitioners, we aim to minimize waste. How does this align with the global sustainability goals?

Getting Started with Agile Sustainability?

With physical products, waste can be very visible. As Agile practitioners, we aim to minimize waste. How does this align with global sustainability goals?

We are stronger together! Let’s increase the awareness of the challenges we face and also of the Agile community’s possibilities to make a difference. Learn more about the Agile Sustainability Initiative!

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