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Agile Sustainability Manifesto

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Every act matters, and everyone has something to contribute to creating a nature-positive and regenerative society. So, roll up your sleeves! Sign the Manifesto and join the tribe!

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As an Agile professional, I commit to the Agile Sustainability Manifesto and strive to break free from complacency and the status quo to help each individual, team, organization, product, and community to evolve and confront the biggest challenge our species has faced to date.

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We’re stronger together!

Let’s increase the awareness of the challenges and also of the Agile community’s possibilities to make a difference – so, roll up your sleeves, join the tribe, and get involved in the Agile Sustainability Initiative

Independent Signatories of the Agile Sustainability Manifesto

These Agile Sustainability Initiative signatories have committed to using Agile principles to address the urgent challenges of our time, striving for a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world for current and future generations.

Jean-Pierre Berchez
Tyler Nguyen
Michael Gassmann
Lisa Morgner
Zach Bonaker
Peter Kutschera
Yerhei Carreño
Marco Braun
Dieter Baier
Carlos A.
Claudia Frahm
Sergio Campos
Yifeng H.
Andreas Kolmer
Victoria Freire Triep
Dennis Riebeek
Claudia Melo
Assel Gubaidullina
Alina Magdalena Pilipionek
Pia Fåk Sunnanbo
Oliver Godby
Nick Tait
Silvana Romero
Joanna Masraff
Rose Mery Restrepo Velez
Tim Schade
Betsy Rivas Teutenberg
Anis Ben Hamidene
Horácio Lopes
Stefan Batterbee
Fabrice Atallah
Dennis Bader
Christian Weitzel
Patrick Soulignac
Benjamin Sampica
Bob Allen
Peter Jetter
Lúcia Palma
Martijn van den Tillaart
Lani Beer
Philipp Kersting
Anita Schüttler
Craig Cockburn
Katarina Podboj
Gaurav Pratap Singh
Mariano Carniel
Helen Garcia
David Ajowi
Dustin Thostenson
Remke Verdegem (she/her)
Axel Loser
Sabine Canditt
Esteban Rocha
Henri van der Horst
Herman Meeuwsen
Hec Ter
Colleen Kirtland
Philippe Drouillon
Roberto Jorge Zurita
Luis Mulato
Peter Bambazek
Mariano Carniel
Saskia van Wolferen
Alison Petersen
Thomas Martin
Angie Doyle
Joelle A.
Stefan Roock
Rob Dolan
Carlos Arturo Quiroga Quiroga
Lisa Crispin
Sasha Akhavi
Edwin Burgers
Prashant Neharkar
Craig Smith
Sibylle Peter
Rad Butalid
John Vincentes
Famke M.
David B.
Robert Burgen

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