Agile Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability Team Assessment

A Creative Commons tool to help you and your team take inventory
of your current state of affairs

If you, as an Agilist for sustainability, are ready to jump into action to contribute to sustainability and reach the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UN, we have a Quick Start Assessment Tool for you!

With the mantra of continuous improvement, this tool is here to collect data from individual team members and aggregate it so that you can surface insights within, discuss as a collective, and most importantly take action!

Within the Agile Alliance Initiative, we simplified the Sustainability Assessment (licensed under Creative Commons by Share-Alike) into a minimalist and easy-to-use Survey for Sustainability to get you and your teams started. That’s Environmental, Economic, Social, and Holistic.

We kindly invite you to try this Quick Start tool by answering just a few questions regarding your “State of Sustainability” (or SOS in short!) This way you will quickly discover what conversations you could or should be having.

The Assessment is an XLS file that can be downloaded to your computer, or copied to your Google Drive space. Please reference the first tab for How-To instructions.

Ready to take a deeper dive?

If you want to deep dive into the topics and have more extensive information & conversations we highly recommend you fill out the Sustainability Assessment developed in the Comparative Agility platform that was created by Steve Holyer, Jutta Eckstein, and Claudia Melo.

We are stronger together! Let’s increase the awareness of the challenges we face and also of the Agile community’s possibilities to make a difference. Learn more about the Agile Sustainability Initiative!

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