Agile Experience Reports: A Fresh Look at Timeless Content

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Reorganized Agile Experience Reports

Each year at the Agile20xx and XP conferences, we have experience report presentations. But what you may not realize is that each presentation is backed up by a written report.

The Agile Experience Report initiative promotes the writing and timely sharing of firsthand Agile experiences. Over the years, it has become evident that these reports are also timeless.

All reports are accessible on the Agile Alliance website. I invite you to take a closer look. Welcome to our newly designed experience report web page, now organized by topic as well as by conference.

For example, if you are interested in Technical Practices, you can find reports on mob programming, swarming, CI/CD challenges, testing—you can find reports about these topics under. There are a number of reports on mob programming, including Woody Zuill’s report from 2014 where he introduced the world to mob programming.

Agile coaches looking for inspiration can find coaching-related reports that offer practical advice and insights from peers. Some other topic areas focus on people, process, culture, Agile transformations, and inspirational stories of how Agile principles, values, and practices have been applied outside of software development.

Once again, explore them all here.



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