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I am very excited for the reboot of the Agile Coaching Network (ACN) live event and podcast, and I am equally happy that we are now part of a great member-supported nonprofit organization. Agile Alliance as a home for the ACN helps to amplify great advice and opinions from our community.

If you are new to the ACN, then perhaps a little background is important. The concept behind the ACN is a relatively simple one. It is a place where people come together and offer their advice and opinion to a set of crowdsourced questions that come from our Agile community. This free exchange of thoughts is governed by a simple set of rules that keep the discussion open and safe to anybody who wants to join in. The conversation is recorded, edited as needed, and then hosted as a podcast to further amplify the thoughts and ideas shared at the live event.

The crowdsourcing on topics comes from anybody who wants to share an Agile question. Our goal is to talk about what is top of mind to our community. So the web tool allows us the ability to both enter and vote on topics. Usually, the top 4 questions are the ones we talk about at the live event. You can enter questions and vote here.

If you have been a part of the old ACN, then you are going to see a few changes in how the live event is hosted. The new webinar platform allows us to invite a lot more people into the conversation. In theory, we can have 10K people on the call! I know that sounds like a large number, but our old platform only supported 50, and we have had times that our members could not connect to the live event. The ability to support higher numbers means that you no longer have full control of unmuting yourself. So if you want to join the discussion, you will need to signal me by hitting the “raise hand” feature on the control panel. I will be watching for that, and I will unmute your microphone to pull you into the conversation. Remember to please do your best to keep background noise to a minimum. We are recording a podcast off of the live event. Most PC microphones will pick up mouse clicking, keyboard typing, etc. Also, before joining, be sure to check the GoToWebinar system requirements to avoid any connection issues.

Once again, I am excited about the reboot of the ACN live event and podcast. I look forward to talking with you soon!

If you would like to join the ACN or you want to hear one of the past podcasts, then please visit here:

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