Agile Alliance Board of Directors

2013 - 2014

  • Juan Banda (Bolivia)
  • Linda M. Cook (USA)
  • Paul Culling (USA)****
  • Samuel Crescêncio (Brazil)
  • Ola Ellnestam (Sweden)
  • Shane Hastie (New Zealand)
  • Jim Newkirk (USA) 
  • Rebecca Parsons (USA)
  • Pat Reed (USA)
  • Declan Whelan (Canada)
  • Phil Brock (USA) – Managing Director


****Paul Culling stepped down from the Agile Alliance board of directors in September of 2013.  We thank him for the many years of service he provided to Agile Alliance.  The vacancy will not be filled, as the board has voted to reduce its size by one member.