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The one consistent thing across different Agile frameworks and techniques is they all share a common mindset. Our mindset resources provide different ways of looking at Agile values and principles and their impact on your organization’s culture.

Top 3 challenges in Agile transformations
Agile may look like a simple concept, but it can be a difficult mindset to adopt. Agile product development is essentially an iterative and incremental approach that enables faster course correction based on early feedback from…
An Agile focus on minimalism
Agile’s strength lies in its adaptability and efficiency, yet a crucial principle gets overshadowed – minimalism. Minimalism extends beyond a reduction in size or scope. It’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of Agile, …
The Future of Work – Agile, AI, and You
Event Session
With the rapid pace of change in artificial intelligence, how should Agilists inspect and adapt? What will be the relationship between humans and AI in this next chapter in the world of work? In this Fishbowl session, experts w…
SoSA 2023: The State of Sustainability in Agile
Event Session
01:37 - Intro to the Program by Jutta Eckstein08:35 - Journey from Agile to Sustainability by Yifeng Hou36:42 - Getting Real: Moving from Ambition to Action on Sustainability by Jorgen Hesselberg & Matthew Haubrich58:05 - Scen…
Neurodiversity and invisible disabilities in Agile
When we think of Individuals and Interactions, we generally think this value emphasizes the importance of the people involved in software development. We consider work/life balance, motivated and energized teams, and respect for o…
Giving back to Agile – An experiment
Have you noticed that some people “get” Agile more quickly than others? This doesn’t seem to have much to do with seniority, tech/non-tech background, or the type of industry someone works in.  At Integral Agile, we’ve …
An Agile focus on value
If you implement Scrum ceremonies, you are technically doing Scrum, but are you embracing an Agile philosophy? Is your team engaged in productive work valued by the stakeholders? What do we mean by productive? We will define pr…
Agile Up Your Leadership Game
Event Session
In 2001, a group of engineers put forward a manifesto that would forever change our approach to software development. They introduced the world to the concept of the “agile mindset,” which quickly gained traction across the indust…

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