Past Events

deliver:Agile 2018

April 30 – May 2 | Austin, Texas

deliver:Agile 2018 Keynotes Sessions

deliver:Agile 2018 Organizers

Jim Newkirk

Conference Chair

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
Program Chair

Richard Seroter
Program Chair

Diana Larsen
Program Chair

Michael Feathers
Program Chair

Paul Hammond
Board Member Liaison

Linda Cook
Board Member Liaison

deliver:Agile 2018 Session Videos

FP vs. OOP: Beyond the Bikeshed
In object-oriented languages like Ruby, people often say that “everything is an object”—but first-class functions have become standard for object-oriented languages too. C# has had them and other related features for years, and even Java is in the ga…
Testing Without Mocks: A Practical Guide
Are your tests slow or brittle? Do you get a sinking feeling when you need to refactor? Do you worry your unit tests aren't actually testing anything important? If so, you could benefit from exploring a mock-free approach to TDD. This session is a c…
Building Your Team to Last
Hiring and on-boarding new team members is an expensive and risky process. It's crucial to hire people who mesh well with the existing team and get them up to speed in a timely manner. Balancing this while minimizing the initial impact on productivit…
Politics & Hierarchy: How We Create It & How to Stop
Ever had that heavy disappointment when you join an ‘empowered team’ and realize that politics and hierarchy are still driving behavior... and it won’t stop? Ever been frustrated that no matter what you do the political games just endlessly confus…
Elixir: a potion for building scalable, fault-tolerant systems
While microservices offer a way to easily compose and scale systems they pose some challenges. Designing our systems functionally with simple data structures and composable functions can help.  Elixir is rapidly emerging as a language and ecosyste…
Sufficient Design: Quality Tuned To Context
How could a big glob of complicated Greasemonkey script be considered beautiful? What if it saved a company millions of dollars, let them rocket past their competitors and only cost $40 dollars to produce? Our notion of beautiful code is incomplet…
Continuous Design: Harnessing Change for Competitive Advantage
Teams across the product, development, and operations spectrum are struggling to effectively adopt new methodologies. How do we do Agile “right”? What does DevOps really mean? How do we integrate Design Thinking into Agile without losing its creat…
Empathy Driven Development
In this talk, you’ll learn that even if you don’t think you have the capacity for empathy, chances are you do. We’ll dive deep into the six different types of empathy and discover how incorporating this skill into your daily development practice c…

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