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We prefer to keep the focus on you, but occasionally we like to let you know what we’re up to. Our alliance resources feature events organized by Agile Alliance, Agile Alliance initiatives, and information about the Agile Alliance website.

Mindful spaces for introverts at Agile2024
This year, we are taking a more mindful approach to supporting our attendees at Agile2024 who either align more on the introverted side, get overstimulated when the lights or sounds become too much, or just plain get overwhelmed i…
Mastering software quality with Agile collaboration
The following success story is based on Erik De Bos's Experience Report, Assisting Agile Teams to Reach Quality Goals. See all the Experience Reports here. Imagine this: you're part of a software team brimming with enthusiasm, …
Finding your community at Agile Alliance
Welcome to Agile Alliance, where we not only embrace change and continuous improvement in software development and Business Agility but also foster a thriving community of professionals who share these values. Recent surveys a…
Ten reasons for joining us at Agile2024
The Agile2024 conference brings Agile communities together annually to share experiences and make new connections. If you've never attended or haven't been in a few years, we put together a list of some of the many reasons to get …
How the Agile Alliance board makes decisions
A long time ago, in a country far, far away, or at least far away from us as we write this, the Agile Alliance board decided to ask themselves two questions: Why do we exist? How do we remain relevant and credible? The …
Agile – 1 conversation, 2 views
I had a conversation with one of my developers earlier this week that was eye-opening. He had been resisting some of our practices, specifically pairing and test-driven development. He thought they both took more time than just wr…
Agile Alliance Launches Young Professionals Committee
We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Agile Alliance Young Professionals Committee! This committee, which will be chaired by Semira Allen, was approved by the Board of Directors at its March 2024 meeting.  We belie…

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