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Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2017

April 19 – 21 | Boston, Massachusetts

2017 Keynotes Sessions

2017 Conference Organizers

Brian Button Agile Alliance Board

Brian Button

Conference Co-Chair

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Conference Co-Chair

AATC2017 Session Videos

Extreme: Fake it ’til you make it
Red - Green - (refactor) We all know that refactoring is supposed to be the step that let’s us tease apart the logic of our code. ‘Fake it till you make it’ allows for us to evolve an emergent solution to complex problems. Yet this is usually glos…
Five XP Practices for Agile Development
These five development practices are core to Extreme Programming (XP): automating the build for continuously integrating software as it is written, collaborating with team members through pair programming, practicing agile design skills th…
Extreme Programming at Scale
Extreme Programming (XP) provides a set of technically rigorous, team-oriented practices -- e.g. Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Pairing -- that empower teams to deliver high quality software, iteratively. At Pivotal, our Labs…
The S.O.L.I.D. Principles of OO and Agile Design
What happens to software? Why does is rot over time? How does an Agile development team prevent this rot, and prevent good designs from becoming legacy code? How can we be sure our designs are good in the first place? This session present…
The Rationale for Continuous Delivery
The production of software is a complex, collaborative process that stretches our ability as human beings to cope with its demands. Many people working in software development spend their careers without seeing what good really looks like. Our …
Simplicity, Complexity and Security
We no longer live in a world where we build our applications from scratch. We build amazing creations using the blocks provided by libraries, frameworks and components. We trust widely and openly. We share and collaborate. We design architectures …

2017 Conference Schedule

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