Up Your Agile Coaching by Organizing an Agile Coach Camp

Are you a coach interested in connecting with other coaches, improving your skills, engaging with others to create ideas, AND helping fellow coaches do the same? Then perhaps you’d like to start an Agile Coach Camp in your area!

Agile Coach Camps are held worldwide in a variety of countries. What is common amongst all of them are the tenets of being invitational and open, participatory and engaging, and emergent in nature. Most, if not all, Coach Camps to date use Open Space Technology to meet these tenets. This allows attendees to focus on what interests them — they co-develop the agenda and then have discussions around it. This helps coaches hone their craft in unique ways that resonate with their needs, not what others think they may need.

Camps also provide a means for connecting to other communities that we rely on. Many Camps try to attract others from outside the Agile Coaching community as well.

Agile Alliance’s Agile Coach Camp initiative is there to help Camp organizers in a variety of ways. It could be to market the event, help people identify a facilitator, or perhaps some help financially. One can simply submit a proposal and request the help needed. Even without submitting a proposal, organizers can join the Slack group and talk with other organizers worldwide! Find out what makes a Camp tick and what you may want to do to get it up and going.

A submission that requests financial help will be handed over to a pair of experienced coaches to evaluate based on the previously mentioned tenets. While Open Space is the most common approach to enable a Camp, other approaches that meet the tenets are possible. The evaluators will also want to know how you will use the funds you are requesting and how you are seeking assistance from others as well. In addition, we’ll want to understand who you want to attend and how you plan to attract them. The submission just allows us some insight in what you are thinking. Again, a great way to get help on this is by discussing it within the Slack group. All of the evaluators are a part of the group along with many other organizers in a variety of countries.

Our initiative’s objective is to make it easier for you as an organizer to get a Camp up and running. Feel free to reach out!

This is an Agile Alliance community blog post. Opinions represented are personal and belong solely to the author. They may not represent the opinion or policy of Agile Alliance.

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Paul Boos

Paul Boos

Paul is an Strategic Agility & Innovation Coach with Excella helping managers and teams improve their game. He focuses on applying Agile and Lean techniques to create and lead more effective organizations. Paul has led small teams to large groups as a software development manager in Federal, commercial, and contractor organizations and coached in the private and public sectors. He is a retired Commander from the US Navy and served in the Naval Air Systems…

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