Growing Racial Equity and Hearing New African Voices

Over the past few years, diversity and inclusion have become increasingly important around the world. And the Agile Community is no exception. While there has been some focus on racial diversity, we can do more.

Empathy Spurs Hope and Equity

I am moved that Agile Alliance invested numerous hours providing space for this conversation. That members and subscribers showed up over and over from all over the world to participate, […]

Growing Racial Equity for Black Lives

Growing Racial Equity for Black Lives

Listening and Empathy in the Agile Community The world was shaken by yet another graphic video showing us the effects of racism – so severe that it resulted in yet […]

Agile2018 Diversity and Inclusion Experiences

At the AgileTonight event on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, four Agile Alliance members shared stories about the direct effect of Diversity and Inclusion on their lives with a room full […]

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