Empathy Spurs Hope and Equity

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I am moved that Agile Alliance invested numerous hours providing space for this conversation.

That members and subscribers showed up over and over from all over the world to participate, and throughout the summer at all hours of the day. There was a measure of sacrifice.

Racial equity is a messy problem — a complex problem. It was a struggle for some to understand what it was and for others to articulate our experiences before we began exploring racial equity in the agile community for black lives. But we opened up. We shared. We listened.

The journey was not easy. We were challenged. Challenged to be authentic and vulnerable. Challenged by shame and confronting biases. But we persevered. Empathy developed. Learning occurred with the power of storytelling.

Positive intentionHopefulness was a recurring pulse of those from this community. Community is the right word, for relationships have forged. Developing ideas ignited passions and hope within us for positive actionable change.

There is measured excitement on the possibilities for growing racial equity. It was moving to hear the personal intentions of how people will show up to deliberately address systemic inequity. Such as hiring practices, sharing the stage for voices, integrating spaces, developing relationships and more.

And that work just highlighted is just some of the work that has begun during the series.

The retrospective revealed how energies are manifesting, not only from future initiatives but within one another. Oh how beautiful it was to see how we are growing!

The stages of growth toward systemic racial equity has begun in this community! I leave this series knowing that there is a large group of global agents of change rallying for racial equity and antiracism. Moreover, I am enthused on what things look like in the months to come, and anticipate reflecting on the collection of impacts.

The conversation, the work, all continues. May we walk forward in love, and this community  —  this family, come together again and again to reflect and revisit the work, while progressing a new way of working forward.

Soulfully yours,

April Jeferson

About the Author

April leads with empathy and courage while partnering with others to help unlock their full potential. Believes the path to authentic growth and change begins with invitation and a people centered approach. She favors a blended mindset of agile, lean, design thinking, open space and improvisation when engaging. April values connecting people to ownership of their needs and goals. You may find April coaching organizations, speaking at conferences, facilitating social change as a Design Action Lab partner, or mentoring youth.

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