Managing a Company with Agile

Managing a Company With Agile

This week I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jorge Silva from Argentina. Jorge, together with three other partners, founded 10Pines more than a decade ago. It is a software […]

Servant Leadership at Vistaprint

At Agile2018, I had a conversation with experience report authors David Grabel and David Reichert. I met with them along with Serena Godfrey (who the report was about) and some […]

Life in the POCLAC

Life in the POCLAC

At Agile2018, I had a conversation with Nienke Alma about her experiences as a member of a POCLAC leadership team at ING. POCLAC stands for Product Owner, Chapter Lead, and […]

Join Us at the 2016 Agile Executive Forum

Agile methods are now mainstream in IT. After nearly two decades of widespread adoption, things are really getting exciting! In the early days, we were happy just to get a […]

The Agile Ecosystem

The Agile Manifesto was created 15 years ago. Since then, Agile has undergone a substantial evolution. Early on, the organizations that just got it, did it. Then as more people […]

Growing an Agile Company Based On Values

Our latest experience report is by Hernan Wilkinson, one of the founders of 10Pines, a 6½-year-old Argentine software company. The company founders live their agile values and have created an […]

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