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As Agile practice adoption continues to grow, the face of Agile continues to change. But there are groups that are still vastly underrepresented within the Agile community, including women. To create a more inclusive and diverse community that allows for broad idea-sharing from all members, the Agile Alliance sponsored a workshop to support women in Agile.

In this video, Natalie Warnert, the chair of our Women in Agile Initiative, explains the background behind the program. Then Cindy Morse, VP of Engineering Operations at Salesforce Marketing Cloud discusses her involvement and experiences in the greater technology community.

This workshop is part of the Women in Agile Initiative.

About the Speaker(s)

As a developer turned Agile coach, Natalie Warnert deeply understands and embraces the talent and environment it takes to build great products. Her extensive experience in Agile methods and user experience makes Natalie’s skills an asset to any team’s continuous improvement journey. From building the right product to building the product right, Natalie drives strategy and learning through validation. Her recognized expertise has earned her a reputation as a thought leader in the Agile industry. You will often find her speaking at conferences, and she has been invited to share her ideas at the national and international level.