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We’ve spent billions over the past several decades to improve the agility and effectiveness of our development practices and management. As knowledge workers, we spend up to 30% of our time in meetings – why have we virtually ignored them? 

In this lightning talk Michael Ball makes the argument that applying Agile practices to our meetings and collaboration outside of development teams is actually GROUND ZERO for spreading true agility and culture transformation throughout the organization.

About the Speaker(s)

Michael Ball-Marian is co-founder of Instant Agenda within the CA Accelerator. Michael was born a squalling, helpless MVP and has struggled ever since to obtain product-market fit. Experiments have included Peace Corps volunteer, ops engineer, scrum master, product owner, agile coach, husband, father, armchair philosopher, and, most recently, lean startup founder. Michael is still working on his exit-strategy, but his earliest angel investors seem generally proud of his accomplishments.