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Just as the coronavirus crisis is forcing businesses to reinvent themselves, so it is also forcing the reinvention of business agility itself. Thus, many of the practices of business agility were articulated for software development and were dependent on face-to-face meetings. Now that face-to-face meetings are often no longer possible, Agile practices need to be reformulated in more general terms so that they can be implemented virtually as well as face-to-face and more broadly so that they enable the whole organization to be agile.

When it comes to working together again in offices, firms will need to manage an array of internal and external factors. They will need to establish that the workforce is healthy enough for a return, along with properly functioning community health and hospital systems. For customer-facing firms, firms will need to ensure not only that environments are safe but also that workers and customers feel safe in returning.

These several topics will be discussed by our panel that includes:

  • Melissa Boggs (Moderator) – Co-CEO/Chief ScrumMaster for Scrum Alliance
  • Judy Carlson – Director, Software Engineering at Optum
  • Åke Sundelin – Strategy driver at Ericsson
  • Alan Taylor – Scrum Master at

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