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Full creative freedom to work on whatever you want for 24 hours.
Having your team work from a coffee shop instead of the office.
Dedicating time to create the best-tasting guacamole to help amplify collaboration with employees from other departments.
Working for two weeks solely on reducing technical debt.

These are all experiences we have facilitated at AppFolio to solve real business problems. You’re invited to learn more about our insights, mistakes, and occasional funny tidbits about hosting a variety of creative and meaningful opportunities that instill the spirit of innovation while helping solve important business needs.

When we think of an agile culture, we reflect upon the power of continuous feedback from employees and our drive to improve processes, efforts, and overall engagement. We encourage experimentation in and outside of technical practices to help build a culture of psychological safety that leads to transmitting a place where we thrive! My goal is to share best practices and inspire ideas participants can bring back to their teams.

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