In This Video

Come and learn how agile values and principles translate into pragmatic, productive practices. Learn how to begin living these values in your own practice.

* Develop your personal sense of agility.
* Learn what it means to use safety to unlock the creativity and productivity of your teams!
* Learn how to get software to market, frequently and reliably, without a lot of hassle!
* Learn how to build just-in-time
* Learn how to build to-need
* Have some fun!

Tim will use slides, puzzles, index cards, discussion, catch phrases, and any dirty trick at his disposal (including some special flash cards!) to give you a proper jump-start into the world of agile practices.

Come and started your agile journey on the right foot!

About the Speaker(s)

Tim is a long-time programmer (since 1979), reviewer, speaker, writer. He has been active in many of the big changes in software over the past 36 years (including Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Design, and Agile software development). In addition to his contributions in "Clean Code" and "Agile In A Flash", Tim's articles appeared in the C++ Journal, Pragmatic Bookshelf, InfoQ, CIO, and SmartBear. Tim is one of the crew of experts at Industrial Logic, a premier agile consultancy, eLearning vendor, and thought leader. Here he joins with other industry experts to help people develop the skills that will make them awesome. Tim muses about of his experiences and ideas on the Agile Otter blog and the Industrial Logic company blog. Tim has writing credits in Agile In A Flash, Clean Code, and many articles scattered through old magazines and the world wide web. He is interested in becoming more effective and valuable, and in helping others do the same.