A fundamental agile principle is the team reflects at regular intervals how to become more effective. The SAFe Inspect and Adapt Problem Solving workshop is a wonderful opportunity for everyone on an Agile Release Train (ART) to reflect on becoming more effective. However, what happens when the ART teams are massively distributed, such that the Sun truly never sets on the ART? How do you provide everyone on the ART an opportunity to reflect and collaborate with others who have similar interests? How do you enable all to participate in the problem solving session, to raise and solve problems that are important to them, and not just the problems that are important and visible to “home base”? This is the situation we faced at a large multi-national petroleum company preparing to conduct their first SAFe problem solving workshop. This story describes the practices, the agenda, the tools, and the lessons learned from running an equitable problem solving workshop for a train on which the Sun never set.

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