Making the transition to agile ways of working brings about an approximate 10% personnel turnover on average and in some cases even higher. Why?

For the individual, some feel they can’t work in this new open and collaborative environment they are experiencing, others are managed out as their lack of engagement becomes apparent, still more leave just at the discussion of Agile before even getting to see the benefits. On the other hand, there are those who have always worked in agile ways before they knew it was called “Agile”. They want to work for an Agile Company but keep getting rejected because they don’t have the background in an agile organization.

As an Agile Company, you understand the critical nature of the culture change going on and how difficult it can be to maintain that shift. You want to add to the great people you have now and support the foundation of the changes going on. Bringing the wrong person into the organization could completely undermine your efforts and create a cancerous situation that sets you back as opposed to propelling you forward but you fear missing out on the “Diamond in the Rough”.

What do you do as an Agile Company when you need to hire “agile people” to continue to build & promote this new culture and show how awesome you are?
What can you do as a passionate Agilist wanting to help an Agile Company be great and just need to get your foot in the door to show how awesome you are?

Robert Woods, National Agile Practice Director and Holly Carman, Sr Account Executive for Matrix will be helping attendees in easy and practical ways to change your internal hiring practices, interview techniques, message and onboarding into one designed to entice the type of folks that can help build your agile culture. They will also help those who want to work in an Agile organization to know how best to market yourself to an agile organization to get the best possible chance for landing that great job.

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