We often connect leadership with management. It is a common misconception. On one level – self-organizing teams – we find it rather easy to accept that these are in fact independent concepts. We want the whole team to show leadership and take responsibility for their commitments within the constraints defined by a project, a hierarchy and a method. The same pattern, however, can go way further than that.

What would happen if we adopted the same paradigm when designing the whole organization, not just a team?

The No Management theme is used to label different approaches that refuse to use traditional management paradigms. While the stories differ one of the common parts is emergence of leadership across organizations on all levels. At the same time I don’t consider No Management a destination. It’s more of a journey and as such it can be used to drive leadership in all sorts of organizations.

I will share the story of Lunar Logic, where we evolved from a traditional organization to pretty radical approach where almost everyone is a leader and there’s no formal hierarchy. Some of the ideas are easily applicable on a team level, some require more positional power. All of them are inspiring.

It’s not just a story though. I will cover elements of systems thinking, organizational culture, anthropology and psychology that are building blocks that enable such stories to happen in a repeatable manner. Do you want to be a part of one? Join me at this session.

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