If, as Jerry Weinberg points, leadership is a process of creating an environment where people become empowered let’s focus on how we create and evolve environments we work at.

One thing is how we build our teams. If we focus only on technical skills we won’t cover the leadership gap.

Another issue is the system. As W. Edwards Deming famously said, a bad system will defeat a good person every time. If we hire great people but put them in highly constrained environment they won’t thrive.

Lastly, we have an organizational culture, which is a steering force behind everyday leadership acts or lack of them. It is also one of the main reasons why many transformations fail.

I will show how all these areas are inseparably interconnected and how we need to change all three to evolve toward participatory leadership. The end result is that every team member overtakes a role of a leader dynamically, depending on the context.

Research on collective intelligence shows how flawed our recruitment approaches are. Experience of system thinkers suggests how much potential is hidden in improving the system. Finally, an organizational culture is what adds meaning to our actions thus is a crucial enabler of change of our behaviors. These are building blocks of the participatory leadership approach.

This isn’t just a theory. In Lunar Logic we’ve put this theory into practice. You will learn our story along with why we believe it works. Even though some of the ideas shared during the session may sound counter-intuitive or even radical we are the living proof that it can be done.

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