You’re running and running and running but the scenery never changes. You never actually get to your destination. So, you run faster and faster thinking that if you just try harder then you’ll get there. Do you feel like you’re living your life in a hamster wheel? You’re not alone. Many teams face conditions that keep them feeling exactly the same way.

This session walks through solutions to a variety of unfortunate problems teams commonly face, such as:
* unsustainable amounts of work, with pressure to start yet more work
* constant barrage of emergencies that push everything else to the side
* splitting peoples’ focus into percentages: 20% here, 40% there…
* a level of specialization across the team that creates a lot of wait time for requests
* inability to show others why you aren’t making progress on your deliverables

Come prepared to listen to experiences, interact with others and leave prepared to begin tackling these problems in your team, department or organization.

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