150 project on-going at any one time, each have a 10 month timeline to delivery, and new projects are starting on a weekly basis…How much do you think gets done? After being recruited to begin a portfolio and demand management group within IT Strategy, the future looked bright. The enterprise wanted to get to a place where delivery was predictable, projects were prioritized, commitments were met, and executives were happy.

These are great goals and ideas as long as the executive team is aligned to the same goals, and are willing to work cross-functionally to achieve the corporate objectives…this wasn’t the case.

Andy will explain the custom scaled framework he created, the change management approach, the desired outcomes, and where along the way either he failed to make the critical connections, or the warning signs he missed.

He will discuss the failures at the IT Level, Executive level, portfolio level, and the impacts that context switching and a silo’d prioritization approach has on the ability to deliver value.

Hopefully, you can take these lessons and catch them so they don’t lead to your demise; as they did his!

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