Sometimes we allow ourselves to drown in work… We hear it all the time: we as testers complaining at retrospectives to our teams that we do not have enough time to test everything. We, as testers, often work overtime the last week of a sprint to ensure the definition of done is accomplished. Why do they do this? Why do we, as testers, enable the bad behaviors of “Scrummerfall” or a lack of whole-team ownership of quality? In this talk you will learn techniques that allow you to test smarter, not harder, and enable the team to have better conversations that make it clear what they are testing in the sprint. Most importantly, we want you to come out of this session being able to answer the question, “What are you not going to test this sprint?” As well as, how do you receive buy in from stakeholders on such “risk based” approaches. You will be able to take home 5 practical risk based approaches that allow you to swim, not sink, by focusing your own and your team’s efforts on testing the right thing.

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