Continuous Delivery is an agile practice that’s had a big impact on how many people think about developing software. It forced us to start thinking that software is only “done” when it is released. With more features getting to done sooner CD practices have enabled us to get early feedback from users and taught us a lot about testing, monitoring and automating our delivery along the way. But mobile development has often been left behind. Or has it?

From the time of the first iPhone in 2008, mobile development has changed dramatically. Rapid improvements and added features in GPS, Touch ID and facial recognition has caused the quality of mobile applications to improve.

In this talk we will cover how we can continuously adapt and improve in many different aspects of mobile development. Covering areas like usability, security, and performance. The continuous feedback loop of rapidly delivering mobile apps and putting those in the hands of customers gives us the ability to learn, adapt, and make more advance applications.

About the Speaker(s)

Cassandra Shum is a lead consultant with ThoughtWorks, where she primarily leads and works on a variety of mobile projects and technologies, including domain-driven design and microservices. Over the last six years, she has worked on many different web and mobile applications. Cassandra is one of the leaders in the initiative to organize the women’s group in ThoughtWorks and is involved in promoting more female speakers in technology.

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