When agile development first gained popularity, agile meant collocated teams, including testers, programmers, analysts, and customers who were expected to perform many functions. As agile methods have spread and expanded, large organizations and those with globally-distributed teams are facing challenges with their testing in their agile deployment. One example is dependencies between teams mean that a single team cannot necessarily have complete control over testing a feature. Economies of scale for testing is something that many organizations have not considered; think about what testing belongs at the team level, and what testing may go beyond.
Having worked with many such teams, Janet Gregory has observed ways that testing in agile teams can still help deliver a high-quality software product. Whether your agile team is part of an enterprise solution, or part of a distributed team is scattered across time zones with individuals working remotely from home, or is part of an offshore outsourced project, you’ll take away methods and tools to help develop open communication, deal with cultural differences both within an organization and across continents specifically related to testing activities.

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