Ready Tester One? Go!

Based on my blog post, “Ready Tester One? Go!” I take a look at my own career development and the need to understand a probable career development path for testers […]

Achieving Agility w/ APIs at Chick-fil-A

At Chick-fil-A, we are laser-focused on scaling our technology infrastructure and processes while maintaining a high degree of business agility so that we can take advantage of unexpected opportunities. This […]

Principles of Collaborative Automation

Great automation doesn’t replace humans; it enhances us. When we are choosing or building tools for our team, we want them to play like team members: keep us informed, make […]

Testing Microservices from Development to Production

Testing microservices is challenging. Dividing a system into components naturally creates inter-service dependencies, and each service has its own performance and fault-tolerance characteristics that need to be validated during development, […]

No Microservice Is An Island

You don’t deploy a single microservice. The journey to microservice architecture involves more than how code is written or applications are packaged. It’s about creating an interconnected ecosystem that keeps […]

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