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The Epic Guide to Agile: More Business Value on a Predictable Schedule with Scrum

Tired of out-of-touch Scrum training that doesn’t work? Discover practical agile delivery techniques to make your software shine.

Has your excitement over Scrum led to nothing but disappointment? Have months of agile training still left your company far short of optimal efficiency? Do you feel like your leaders and developers are speaking an entirely different language? Ascendle CEO Dave Todaro has lived and breathed software development for over three decades. After running successful agile teams on a daily basis, he’s ready to share his insights and techniques to help your company reap the benefits of his experience.

The Epic Guide to Agile: More Business Value on a Predictable Schedule with Scrum is a comprehensive guide to software-based team dynamics that both leaders and developers can understand. Unlike most agile training that doesn’t work in practice, Todaro’s step-by-step playbook rises above theory to save you time and money. Perfect for any sized business or level of experience, you’ll get to the crux of each Scrum issue to have your team running sprints more efficiently than ever.

In The Epic Guide to Agile, you’ll discover:

  • Personal examples and anecdotes to tackle problems at their source
  • Effective ways to introduce agile and Scrum into your organization with the right pilot team
  • The exact system to achieve productive sprint planning sessions
  • The typical issues that can doom your product and how to conquer them
  • The best technical environment setups to support your software project groups and much, much, much more!

The Epic Guide to Agile is a powerhouse manual to help any ScrumMaster or Project Manager find productivity and success. If you like real-world examples, no-nonsense teaching, and clear communication, then you’ll love Dave Todaro’s extraordinary and practical guidebook.

Buy The Epic Guide to Agile to take your team into the Scrum age today!

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