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DevSecOps Adventures: A Game-Changing Approach with Chocolate, LEGO, and Coaching Games

Discover a groundbreaking approach to introducing DevSecOps. DevSecOps Adventures uses three innovative games to help you to maximize engagement in your training and transform learners’ mindsets, turning even reluctant skeptics into supporters and advocates of the DevOps culture.

The book’s first coaching game uses LEGO, Chocolate, and role cards to explore the roles and interdependencies of Dev, Ops, and Security. Readers will experience Aha! moments, expand their individual roles, develop T-shaped skills, and experiment with changing organizational culture. The simulations depict an end-to-end product delivery process, highlighting bottlenecks in the value delivery flow. Additionally, the book is updated with two new games, “Fear in the Workplace” and “Safety in the Workplace,” which provide insights into safety culture, drawing inspiration from the works of Ron Westrum, William Kahn, Amy C. Edmondson, and Dr. David Rock. Through open conversations, participants learn to identify signs of a fear-ridden culture and apply safety-enhancing practices to foster a culture of experimentation and learning.

This Second Edition is enhanced with real-life examples and includes insights from important State of DevOps reports. The updated “Key Takeaway” chapter and the new FAQ chapter prepare trainers to deliver an impactful learning experience. It serves as a facilitation guide for gamified experiential learning, provides ideas for effective debriefing, and helps readers relate the issues highlighted in the coaching games to similar challenges they may face in their organizations.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of DevOps, DevSecOps, and Safety Culture.
  • Develop the capability to prepare, facilitate, and effectively debrief these coaching games with your teams.
  • Showcase how playfulness can help teams bring down a “wall of confusion” between the different functional silos.

Who This Book Is For

  • Programmers or system admins/project managers who are new to DevOps.
  • DevOps trainers and Agile Coaches who are interested in offering a collaborative and engaging learning experience to their teams.
About the Author(s)
Dana Pylayeva

Dana Pylayeva is a business games designer, trainer, and DevOps Culture coach, who is known for infusing playfulness into the most serious workplaces. She offers a unique blend of expert level knowledge, exceptional facilitation skills, professional coaching mindset, and her diverse technical background (as a former Java Developer, a DBA Manager, an Application Architect).
Dana is equally effective in coaching teams, coaching leaders, and navigating the complexity of enterprise transformations. She enjoys working with clients across a diverse span of industries (legal publishing, automotive, digital marketing, retail, fintech, music streaming, non-profits, etc). In her 25+ years of experience, she has been fortunate to work with clients from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. She speaks at conferences internationally and has delivered her workshops at 80 conferences in 18 countries.
Dana holds a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) designation from Scrum Alliance, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) certification from Co-Active Training Institute.
Dana is passionate about helping others grow and giving back to the Agile/Scrum community. Through the years, she has been involved in various community roles as a volunteer, reviewer, track chair, program chair, and conference chair at Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance organizations. She is the founder of the Big Apple Scrum Day conference in NYC, and a co-organizer of several local user groups.

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