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Congratulations! Your organization has taken the first steps to #BecomingAgile. Though you, your team, and your Agile Release Train have likely made significant progress in embracing Agile ways of working; probably, HR has not yet caught up. With your commitment to relentless improvement and adaptability, the annual performance review is sure to feel like a relic from a bygone era. NEWS FLASH: it is. Through my years serving organizations as a management consultant, I have had the opportunity to help many people with an Agile heart work through the annual performance review while navigating their transformation journey. “Surviving Performance Reviews: A transitional guide for those who are #BecomingAgile” packages years of hard lessons learned with thinking tools to help you make the most from the annual review cycle.


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About the Author

Adam is a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) with many years of experience overseeing SAFe implementations across a wide range of industries and institutional sizes. He is an experienced Transformation Architect, engaging speaker, energetic trainer, and a regular contributor to the broader Lean-Agile and educational communities.