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Generative Leadership to Thrive

Generative Leadership to Thrive unfolds as a journey, guiding leaders through a pathway that does not merely seek to navigate through the industrial revolutions and the VUCA environment but also to thrive amidst them. With a harmonious blend of theoretical frameworks, practical strategies, real-world insights, and a human-centered approach, the book establishes a compelling narrative that Generative Leadership, imbued with Ubuntu principles and values and Generative Agile Leadership (GAL) tenets, is pivotal in crafting a future where organizations, their people, and their customers, do not just survive but markedly thrive.

Generative leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on creating the conditions for people and teams to thrive. It is about building trust, fostering creativity, and empowering people to take ownership of their work. Generative leaders are also able to adapt to change and learn from failure.

Generative leadership is essential for success in the Fourth and Next Industrial Revolutions. In this new era, organizations need to be able to innovate quickly and respond to change effectively. Generative leaders can create the conditions for this by building a culture of learning, collaboration, and trust.

About the Author(s)
Dr. Dave A. Cornelius

Dr. Dave A. Cornelius, aka “Dr. Dave,” is a business, executive, organization, and agile coach and trainer, partnering with leaders and teams in for-profit, start-up, and non-profit organizations to deliver awesomeness that meets their goals. He works with Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 companies to develop a generative culture for happy contributing people, satisfied customers, and a thriving business. Dr. Dave helped clients to deliver more than $1 billion in customer value. His clients include General Motors (GM) Financial, Pet Smart, Schneider Electric, Accenture, Improving, Centene, Citigroup, Cognizant, and Univision Television.

He is the author of seven books on that include 1) Generative Leadership to Thrive, 2) Innovation Catalyst, Leading with Empathy, 3) Deliver Value: Happy Contributing People, satisfied customers, and Thriving Business, 4) Belonging and Healing: Creating Awareness for Yourself and Others, 5) Elastic Minds: What are you thinking?, 6) Prayers to my Abba Father God, and 7) Transforming Your Leadership Character: The Lean Thinking and Agility Way.

You will find his monthly podcast and blog, “KnolShare with Dr. Dave,” on popular podcast streaming services, which include Spotify, Audible, Apple, Google, and others, as well as

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