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EDGE: Value-driven digital transformation

Opportunity is moving faster and more unpredictably than ever before. As a result, organizations are facing a widening gap between fleeting opportunity and their ability to capture it. Leaders, in and outside of IT, know they need to transform the business using technology to focus on their value to the customer. EDGE is their guide to eliminating friction to close the gap between their capabilities and opportunity. It’s about applying an operating model that helps them become holistically agile so that every part of the business — from culture to leadership to tech to product — can adapt and evolve at the speed of change.

About the Author(s)
Jim Highsmith

Jim Highsmith’s—well-known Agilist, author, and storyteller— career spans six decades of rapid technology and business change. Jim has been at the forefront of software technology’s response to that change, from working in the 1960s on Apollo to 1970s COBOL business applications to creating Adaptive Software Development, to recent engagements crafting modern digital businesses. With decades of business, management, and software development background, he is uniquely qualified to explore the history of software development so we can prepare for the evermore chaotic future.

Linda Luu

Linda Luu is a Consultant, Coach, Product, and Experience Designer. She has 20 years of experience building new capabilities in organizations seeking to respond faster to the shifting needs of customers, in the areas of design thinking, big data and analytics, portfolio management, and Agile delivery.

David Robinson

David has 30-plus years of experience in information technology as a CIO and in several other leadership positions. He has grown three startups (two wins, one loss), and he also spent a few years outside of technology, leading a business unit. As a recovering executive, David has been focused on building more human organizations by innovating new ways of working that unlock the talent and passion of creative people.

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