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Actually it’s a game, a playing card game, a pack made up of 52 cards. Some Birds, some Nerds and some are yes Turds, you got it! And yes is a physical product, an actual pack of cards!
It is also composed of 4 different ways to play the game and quite a few statements.

You may have been in rather dull retrospectives (at least I have!).

This game is trying to ‘ninja’ that and to enable a holistic view of and by the team.

Looking inside and collaboratively aiming to be better is key for successful teams.

But it doesn’t have to be boring!

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Agile Coach and Salesforce MVP, helping organisations to become more agile whilst delivering Salesforce technology. Latest invention: www.theagileretrospectivegame.com Empowering business to evolve digitally at a scale. On a mission to increase productivity, transparency and collaboration with Agile mindset. Signature Themes from The Gallup Organization: Learner, Input, Individualization, Activator and Intellection.