About this Publication

Have you considered adopting an Agile way of working in your team?

Business agility does not mean using the same processes and practices as your software and IT teams. In fact, the specific practices don’t matter. Agile is a way of thinking and making choices that can benefit marketing, HR, finance, all parts of the business.

This practical book will help you to…
• Decide where and how an Agile approach can help you serve the business better
• Customize and regularly improve an Agile way of working without your having to be a process expert
• Avoid the many pitfalls that lead to mediocre performance or bounce-backs
• Feel confident about your choices, even if they are different from what your tech colleagues use

The book’s foreword is by L. David Marquet, author of Turn the Ship Around!

“Despite emerging in the technology domain, there is nothing exclusively tech about Agile.” – Evan Leybourn, Founder & CEO, Business Agility Institute

“This book is written for the audience we always forget in Agile transformations: the non-software roles.” – David Dame, VP, Global Agile, Scotiabank

“Gil has managed to make Agile accessible to everyone.” – Sandy Mamoli, Author of Creating Great Teams, Nomad8

“You will be in the driver’s seat throughout, choosing what fits your situation and unique goals.” – Suzanne Daigle, Business Strategist and Partner, NuFocus Strategic Group

“I wish such a resource had been available at the start of our transformation!” – Heather Francis, Head of Transformation, Roche Canada

About the Author

Gil Broza can help you increase organizational agility and team performance with minimal risk and thrashing. Dozens of companies seeking transformations, makeovers, or improvements have relied on his pragmatic, modern, and respectful support for customizing Agile in their contexts. These days, several of the world’s largest organizations are having him train hundreds of their managers in technology and business (up to CIO/SVP level) on practical Agile leadership. Gil’s best-selling book, The Agile Mind-Set, helps practitioners become truly Agile about their work. His earlier book, The Human Side of Agile, guides Agile leaders in growing and supporting their teams to outstanding performance. His ground-breaking new book, Agile for Non-Software Teams, helps managers consider, design, start, and cultivate Agile ways of working in non-software functions. Gil has been a regular contributor and three-time track chair for the Agile 20xx series of conferences, a sought-after speaker for other industry events and groups, and a host of numerous public webinars about Agility. Get a taste of his approach at https://3pvantage.com/free_resources/. Since 2004, Gil has worked with organizations of every size and industry. He has conducted dozens of assessments, taught hundreds of Agile skills and mind-set courses, facilitated project kick-offs and retrospectives, and supported large-scale transformations as well as process tune-ups. Prior to becoming a consultant, Gil was an R&D manager, team leader, and software developer for 12 years. Gil has an M.Sc. in Computational Linguistics and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and has studied organizational behaviour and development extensively. Gil lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife and twins.