ResQSoft, Inc.

Software Development / IT Tech

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  • 8300 Boone Blvd

    Ste 500

    Vienna VA


    United States

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  • We provide innovative Agile approaches to legacy software modernization and new development, using state of the art tools that rapidly rebuild or create enterprise applications for Java, Microsoft .NET, AngularJS, and Oracle Webcenter. Want to move from Java / JSP to AngularJS? We can do that. Need to define your requirements, with developers and SMEs working together to specify the User Interface and business rules? We have a really effective process for that based on automatic generation of the production code. Want your 24x80 green screen UI running natively on Java or .NET? Yes, we can if that's what you want. Unisys, IBM, client-server modernization, moving from COBOL, Natural / ADABAS, Oracle Forms, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion ... all Agile, all collaborative, with engineering best practices.