Agility Beyond Boundaries

In the times of COVID19 when organizations and Agile professionals both are struggling to get through, we want to establish a barter system, where both the parties get the benefit. Organizations are facing low cash flow and hiring freeze, which is impacting them with manpower challenges. And like all other impacted jobs, the Agile Enablers are also going out of jobs. Via this initiative, we invite all organizations who need Agile Enablers, to come forward and offer temporary/contractual jobs to Agile Enablers and pay what they deem fit. You can reach us via this form:

In this time of pandemic where COVID19 is forcing us all to unite and retrospect on how we can make a better world, help each other, we invite all organizations to help mankind in creating a sustainable symbiotic ecosystem. This will create a win-win situation for both parties.

Benefits to Org:

  1. Due to COVID19 many companies have put their active job opening on hold but they still need help from Agile Professionals. This initiative will provide them a workaround for this situation, that can further be converted into a full time when the situation improves.
  2. Some companies are still trying to figure out their Agility needs, and want to do pilot programs to understand their needs. This program can help by offering consultants.
  3. Many organizations are experiencing cost cuts due to reduction in cash flow. They can get Agile enablers at the cost they can afford in the current scenario.
  4. Some organizations care for people and want to give these professionals an opportunity, and if they perform well, these companies might want to even absorb them as full time employees.
  5. This program can help Companies with Agile Experts who can do:
    1. Agile Maturity Assessment
    2. Agile Capability Building
    3. Training on various Agile topics
    4. Agile Transformation planning
    5. Agile Role based training
    6. Setup Agile CoP / CoE
    7. Perform Agility Assessment and much more, depending on your need