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Path to Agility [P2A]

August 22 All day

Path to Agility® is The Agile Transformation Framework That Delivers Results. 

Join Scott Dunn, CST, for experience that will provide foundational knowledge of Path to Agility and how it can guide an Agile transformation. 

While many organizations are operating in an Agile way, they are still not fully realizing Agile’s benefits. There has been too much focus on implementing all of the Agile practices without understanding if and how the various Agile frameworks, tools, and skills are driving results. Path to Agility is the solution to this growing problem. Path to Agility orients your Agile transformation around a guiding business outcome like speed, market responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. The Agile transformation framework then identifies the right Agile outcomes and capabilities that your organization should focus on to help you build your transformation roadmap. 

Create Focus For Your Agile Transformation At Every Level 

Agile transformation is a big investment. Whether it’s your first transformation or your third, you need an Agile transformation framework that sidesteps pitfalls and leads to business results efficiently and effectively. Path to Agility identifies the right Agile outcomes and capabilities needed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

We have identified 25+ Agile Outcomes and 85+ Agile Capabilities that align with 9 measurable business outcomes: Speed, Market Responsiveness, Customer Satisfaction, Predictability, Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Continuous Improvement, and Employee Engagement. 

Path to Agility is framework agnostic as it can be used as an overlay on top of Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, etc. You pick and prioritize your business outcome based on your overall strategic roadmap and Path to Agility shows you the different paths that lead to results while giving you the ability to measure progress along the way. 

Key Learning Objectives 

  • Identify common challenges with Agile transformations and how the Path to Agility framework addresses these challenges 
  • Explain the advantages of an outcomes-based transformation approach ● Explain the structure and benefits of the Path to Agility framework ● Use Path to Agility to create a transformation backlog 
  • Apply Path to Agility to guide teams and organizations to be more predictable and reducing cycle time through common adoption patterns 

Learn more about Path to Agility 

What do I get? 

Attendees who complete this workshop will receive: 

  • Certification as a Practitioner and license to use Path to Agility ● Path to Agility Virtual Card Deck 
  • Path to Agility Playbook 
  • Path to Agility Practitioner Community Access 
  • Authorized to purchase additional Path to Agility Card Decks

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